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    Hello, and welcome Jet! Happy to have you.
  2. Hello Naloreans, Today we bring you Patreon Tiers. Patreon is a great way to provide users with benefits while we develop Nalore. Please take the time to visit out Patreon page and consider supporting Nalore in it's ever growing future. There are plenty of rewards for those who decide to support the cause and many more benefits and possible tiers to come! The link to our Patreon page is at the bottom of this post. ALL Patreon donations will be given to the respective player to use on the in-game store upon release at a 50% rate. So, if you have been a Tier 2 P
  3. Hello everyone, thank you for patiently waiting. We are happy to announce that you may now create a forum account and discuss things here as well with other players! Feel free to create topics and discussions! Enjoy, Zac!
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