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  1. Zac

    Store Decisions

    Should Nalore have an online only store where players can purchase "credits" that can be used to gain items on the store or bonds with those credits which can be traded and then redeemed back to the store under a new account? This would essentially involve the store account login being linked to the in-game account so that store credits can be traded for in-game currency and players will. Or should the NPC shop only allow players to purchase bonds or items on the online store but thus rendering bonds useless unless we have an NPC shop.
  2. Zac

    Death Options

    I see what you're saying. however there aren't many dangerous areas where skillers would need to worry about dying.
  3. Zac

    Death Options

    Please take the time to respond to this poll with feedback if necessary.
  4. Zac

    Economy Poll

    Shops in-game at home or not...
  5. In order to receive your Forum/Discord rank, please follow the format below in your reply to this topic... *Note* This also includes any discord ranks you may have such as Veteran or Respected Member that you would like to have on forums as well. Discord ID: In-Game Name:
  6. Hello everyone, thank you for patiently waiting. We are happy to announce that you may now create a forum account and discuss things here as well with other players! Feel free to create topics and discussions! Enjoy, Zac!
  7. Stay tuned for our up and coming Alpha Testing Session!
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