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  1. Ah it said animal lover so I just assumed you might have some pets 😛 My bad haha
  2. Post a picture of your desktop! I like to keep my Desktop clean of Icons 😛 Also I used to be a YouTuber so this was my banner that was made for me as my wallpaper 😄
  3. Share me pictures of your cutest furbabies or other animals! I will start with my Cats! Gizmo wrapped in a knited blanket Amaya just being cute and knowing damn well she is getting her hair everywhere haha Kitkat, this is my CHONKY baby 😄 Looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful pets!!
  4. I have a long list but some of the top ones for me would be Limitless, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Cobra KAI, Rick and Morty and Scorpion.
  5. Simple post, just seeing what kinds of food everyone likes 😄 I pretty much like anything Mexican(Tacos, Burritos, Enchilada, Chimichanga) and Italian(Pasta, Garlic Bread, etc.)
  6. Link me your favorite music either through YouTube or Spotify, looking for new stuff to listen to 😄 I will start, this is my top songs of 2020 😛
  7. FTWImCody


    Welcome @jet kai! New name, new face...looking forward to hopping into Nalore with all the new players 😄
  8. Hello @mikey! I myself am also a coder and Chaf is mine, you can't have him all to yourself 😄 haha What languages you work with? I know HTML/CSS, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Python and a bit of Lua
  9. Hello @Mr Slayer! What pets do you have? I have 3 cats(Amaya, Gizmo and Kitkat) and 15 birds(consisting of 2 Budgies, and rest are Society/Goldian Finches) 😄
  10. Hello @Zylphanis! Nice to meet you 😄 My music taste is all over the place right now depending on my moods..
  11. What's up @Setup! I actually finished up my Software Development and Web Development degree at the end of 2019 😄 Nice to see an old face from the last server I was on as well! Looking forward to playing Nalore with everyone!
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