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  1. @Slip Of course. This allows me to refer other players to this page should they have any questions about who I am @Tutus I listen to most forms of Metal, although I've kind of stopped listening to older Metal such as Slayer and the like. For Video Game OSTs, it's usually ones for the games I play (such as Nioh, Dark Souls, Genshin Impact, ARK: Survival Evolved, etc), however, there are other games that I don't play which have great OSTs (Undertale, despite my burning hatred for the fanbase, as well as games like Touhou)
  2. Hello! I'm Zylphanis, but you can call me Chloii if you want. I'm just another antisocial person who plays video games and enjoys ASMR. I'm also transgender (MTF)! I'm polyamorous and pansexual, but I tend to have trust issues with strangers, so forgive me if I'm quite reserved and seem cold. I pride myself on logic and deductive reasoning, although my emotions are still prevalent at times. I sometimes watch anime. I really only listen to Metal or Video Game OSTs if I'm not listening to ASMR, which is very rare these days. I no longer have the energy to lie, so if there's anything
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