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  1. Welcome welcome fellow veteran
  2. You got almost everything 100% perfect the only small things i would change is: -Let some of the PK Gear in donor shops, pkers dont wanna waste time grinding; -Add "junk" to the m/Lboxes, rewards are quite good but maybe add some junk like (example: 100 noted sharks); -Dont create bonus drop rate scrolls or if you do it, dont make it stackable, for example donor benefits;
  3. Cisco

    Death Options

    like gwds bosses, always hated doing those, i lost the count the times i lagged and died and couldnt get back in time
  4. Maybe make it that you drop items in boss chambers but outside no. Skillers should only focus on skilling and not running around.😇
  5. Discord ID: Tony Stark In-Game Name: Tony
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