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In-Game Store Suggestions.

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Heya guys, firstly I feel as though I should start a forums post on these suggestions as others can also comment on it and put in their own personal suggestions as well. With years of playing RSPS I can say a good store could make for a good game. It needs to be balanced enough where it's not P2W but also can provide the server with an income to keep it the best it can. These are all to my own personal level of what I think a good store could look like and what it should and should not include.

What not to have:
-First, keep higher leveled boss/monster gear out of the shop. This allows for the item to keep a high value, also keeping the boss and monsters active. This would include all the God Wars dungeon armor/weapons and whatnot.
-Definitely no end game gear.
-Keep the firecape/inferno out, could possibly have firecape in an m.box or vote reward.
-Don't add too many ingredients where someone could buy a 99 skill, or put a limit on it if you do have ingredients/secondaries.
-Leave barrow sets out, possibly add peices to mboxes, it's nice to see an active barrows minigame, plus the sets go for so much less when you can buy them out.
-Don't add the best food/potions as it'd make the skillers sad.
-No purchasable pets.

-Increased Experience.
-Donator Zone. (Hub and a skilling area) Could potentially have more donator zones for higher donators, accessing better benefits.
-First time donators receive a mystery box?
-Yell in chat. (Cooldown time going down for higher donators)
-Donator status title.
-Extra Pest Control points. (Goes up more every donation rank)
-Chance at thieving from a stall twice.

-Bonus Experience Scrolls: Give a certain amount of experience for an hour (Could also have this in vote rewards instead).
-Pet rate increase: Raises your chance at receiving a pet for an hour.
-Bond scrolls: Sell this ingame 5-1000$ for others to redeem for instore credit.
-Drop rate Increase: Increases your drop rate for a certain amount of time.
-Custom title Scroll.

(These items will be listed as I see them not being too overpowered or pay2win but also convient and helpful)
-Abyssal Whip
-Abyssal Dagger
-Saradomin Sword
-Dragon Darts
-Dragon armor set
-Dragon boots
-Amulet of Fury
-Warrior Ring
-Void Set or Peices
-Ring of Wealth
-Fighter Torso

-Orament Kits
-Ankou Set
-Gold trimmed monk robes
-Gold trimmed wizard robes
-Twisted League Set
-Crier Outfit
-Royal Outfit

-Cooked Shark
-Adamantite Ore
-Dragon Bones
-Super set, Super Restore, Sara brew
-Charm Packs
-Name Change
-Dice Bag
-Crystal Keys
-Rune Pouch
-Bounty Teleport Scroll
-Seed Box
-Herb Sack
-Imbuement Scroll(Imbues rings)

Mystery Boxes:
These are always tricky but are 100% the most fun and rewarding item to buy in the store. I see so many servers say they aren't p2w cause they don't have end game gear in the shop, but end up having it all in these boxes instead.

Mystery Box:

- Dragon Boots
- Rune Defender
- Fighter Hat
- Adamant Bars
- Obsidian Cape

- Dragon Defender
- Fighter Torso
- Dragon Med Helm
- Sharks

- Rune Knives
- One million to Five million Coins

- Barrows Items (Random Peice)
- Dragon Platelegs
- Dragon Plateskirt
- Dragon Chainbody
- Abyssal Whip

- Berserker Ring
- Seers' Ring
- Archers' Ring
- Robin Hood Hat
- Dragon Darts
- Dragon Knives

- Dragon Axe

- Gilded Platebody
- Gilded Platelegs
- Gilded Full Helm
- Dragon Pickaxe
- Ranger Boots
- Amulet of Fury
- Ring of Wealth

- Occult Necklace
- Robes of Darkness Pieces
- Fire Cape
- Dark Bow
- Legendary Box

Legendary Box:

- Dragon knives
- Dragon Darts
- Rune Bars
- Holy Sandals
- Amulet of Fury
- Mage's Book

- Master Wand
- Infinity Pieces
- Fire Cape

- Dragon Defender
- Dragon Full Helm
- Dragon Pickaxe
- Trident of the Seas
- 5 million to 10 million Coins

- Zamorakian Spear
- Weapon/armor Dyes
- Seers Ring (i)
- Archers Ring (i)
- Berserker Ring (i)
- Warrior Ring (i)
- Guthan's Armor Set

- Verac's Armor Set
- Dharok's Armor Set
- Torag's Armor Set
- Karil's Armor Set
- Ahrim's Armor Set
- Ring of Nature

- Ring of Coins
- Golden Apron
- Golden Chef Hat
- Samurai Armour Pieces
- Robes of Darkness Pieces
- Bandos Godsword
- Saradomin Godsword
- Zamorak Godsword
- Vesta's Chainbody

- Vesta's Plateskirt
- Statius's Full Helm
- Statius's Platebody
- Statius's Platelegs
- Morrigan's Throwing Axes
- Morrigan's Javelins
- Morrigan's Leather Body
- Morrigan's Leather Chaps
- Zuriel's Hood
- Zuriel's Robe Top
- Zuriel's Robe Bottom
- Ankou outfit
- Green h'ween Mask

- Blue h'ween Mask
- Red h'ween Mask
- Cosmetic  Box

Cosmetic Box:

- Bunny Ears
- Cosmetic Clue rewards (Good ones)
- Skeleton Boots

- Skeleton Gloves
- Skeleton Leggings
- Skeleton Shirt
- Skeleton Mask

- Ankou Mask
- Ankou Top
- Ankou Gloves
- Ankou Leggings
- Ankou Socks
- 3rd Age Pieces
- Sled
- Santa Hat

- Green h'ween Mask
- Blue h'ween Mask
- Red h'ween Mask

- Black h'ween Mask
- Red Partyhat
- Yellow Partyhat
- Blue Partyhat
- Green Partyhat
- Purple Partyhat
- White Partyhat
- Inverted Santa Hat

- Partyhat with Specs

- Partyhat set/H'ween Mask set !EXTREMELY RARE!



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You got almost everything 100% perfect the only small things i would change is:

 -Let some of the PK Gear in donor shops, pkers dont wanna waste time grinding;

-Add "junk" to the m/Lboxes, rewards are quite good but maybe add some junk like (example: 100 noted sharks);

-Dont create bonus drop rate scrolls or if you do it, dont make it stackable, for example donor benefits; 

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